Strategic Planning


"the educational process is a shared process, with a necessary partnership
 between the student, family, school, and community"

from the Mission Statement of the School District of Arcadia


The Arcadia School Board is in the process of long-range planning for our District, including establishing priorities and goals, establishing a time-line for implementation, and allocating resources effectively and efficiently.


Step 1: Input from stakeholders

April 24 was a day for opinions, viewpoints, priorities and concerns to be heard.  All district staff had the opportunity to participate in a planning day, followed by an evening session where community members where invited to participate.

Input from these sessions followed the "Chainsaw Planning" model, starting with identifying recent successes and issues and organizing these as positive or less than positive within the District.  The results follow:

  1. Successes & issues from staff group #1
  2. Successes & issues from staff group #2
  3. Successes & issues from community

The second step of the "Chainsaw Planning" model asked for input on the vision and priorities.  By asking the questions "In five years, we will have developed, delivered, and be recognized for..."  and "Identify between 4 and 6 near-term priorities", our staff and community were able to share their opinions and beliefs.  The results follow:

  1. Vision and priorities from staff group #1
  2. Vision and priorities from staff group #2
  3. Vision and priorities from community
Step 2: Revise the vision and prioritize goals

At the May 15 Board meeting, the School Board will analyze the input from the District stakeholders to determine what we want our school district to look like.  The intended outcomes from this meeting are:

  1. Finalize the School District of Arcadia Vision and revise the Vision Statement as needed
  2. Prioritize and establish goals for the School District of Arcadia
  3. Meeting Outcomes
Step 3: Action Plan

Based on the vision and goals, the School Board along with administration will create an Action Plan to reach the goals, including specific timeframes and allocation of necessary resources.


Step 4: Communicate the outcomes

The vision, goals, and action plan will be shared with all the stakeholders: staff and community.