City students must register to ride a bus!

Please call: John Krett

Transportation Director

323-3334 ext. 3300


School Bus - Walk - Bike - Car.  Our students use a variety of means of transportation to get to and from school.  To help make your child's transportation a positive experience for all, please observe the following guidelines:

·         The back of the elementary school is for teachers and bus loading and unloading ONLY.

·         If your child is walking or riding their bike to or from school, please make sure they cross by the crossing guard at the corner of Main Street and St. Joseph's Avenue.

·         Have your child or children at the bus stop early.  The driver can not wait--- they have a schedule to keep and every family needs to cooperate.

·         We recommend that your child or children go to the same drop off everyday. Less confusion for the child, teachers, secretaries, and bus drivers.

·         City students must register to ride a bus.  Contact the transportation director to register.


Bus Basics

Bus basics provides safety for everyone. Riding the bus as a privilege, not a right.  Student violating basics may be prevented from riding the bus for a period of time.


Be Safe

·         Sit on seat

·         Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus.

·         Remain in seat until bus arrives at destination.

·         Eating and drinking is not allowed. (unless for medical reasons).


Be Responsible

·         Arrive at bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives.

·         Take seat quickly and orderly.

·         Keep aisles and emergency exit clear.


Be Respectful

·         Voices level 2 (proper language).

·         Leave other students and property alone.

·         Younger students sit in the front of the bus.

·         Older students sit toward the back of the bus


Be a Raider

·         Greet and thank the bus driver.

·         Bus driver has the authority to assign seats.

·         Keep back 4 seats empty unless the bus is full.


2015-16 School Bus Drivers

Marc Pronschinske, Doug Bockenhauer, Mike Hannon, Belinda Johnson, Mark Finner, Tony Myers, Rollie Pronschinske,Mike Wolfe, Ericka Konkel, John Kimmel,  Bill Steinke, Rich LaFave, Scott Leonard,Jim Hicks, Christina Dorn, Kevin Koska, Rosa Mooney, Kay Motszko, Kevin Whalen, Bruce Cornish, Bill Lundsford, Leroy Sobotta, Randy Klonecki,Rick weltzien,Marty Knudson,Steve Shank, Sandy Pape (van driver)




·         Holy Family Catholic School---3:15

·         Grades 7-12---3:15

·         Grades PreK-6—3:25


Buses loading at HS/District side/No extra shuttle bus

·         MS/HS students needing transportation home

·         MS/HS students living in downtown area


Early Dismissal:

·         Holy Family Catholic School---12:30

·         High School---12:30

·         Elementary---12:40


Bus loading at the elementary/PM


Bus Color

AM Driver

PM Driver

Abbreviated Route

Elementary School Parking Order.  Starting by the building going out



Tony Myers

Mark Finner

AM:  Lewis Vly, Wozney Bautch Rd, Hickory Hill, Ben Slaby ln, Rainey vly, Countryside estates, Cty rd A, N. 3rd St. Boberg Lane,Eden Heights,Deer Park( HF & HS)

PM:  Deer Park (HF)  Cty rd A,N 3rd  Countryside Estates, Rainey vly, Ben Slaby ln, Hickory Hill, Lewis vly, Wozney Bautch rd, Sch  Boberg Lane,Eden Heights,




AM:Angus Lane,Trout Run,Pronschinske Ln,Pretzel Pass,Alligator slide,Bill’s Vly,Cty Rd J,Parkview Ln,Mesa Ln,Orion Ln, Reit Ln,Rechwein Trailer Park,Ritters,East Main

PM:Holy Family shuttle to Elem Rechwein Trailer Park,Ritters,East Main,Reit Ln,Orion Ln,Parkview Ln,Cty Rd J,Bill’s Vly,Alligator Slide,Pretzel Pass,Pronschinske Ln,Trout Run,


Jim Hicks



AM:  Owen/River, Christ Lutheran, Owen/Pahl,  East Main From Golf Course To 93&95

PM:  Owen/River,Christ Lutheran,Owen/Pahl, East Main From Golf Course to 93&95


Mike Wolfe

Erika Konkel

AM:  River Valley, Growkowski Lane,  Churchill Rd., North creek Rd.,Pierzina Lane, Kujak ln. Schank/Schank Dairy,  Carriage House  ,West Blaschko

PM:  Carriage house Appts ,West Blaschko,  N. Creek Rd, Kujak Ln, Pierzina ln, Church Hill Rd, Korpal Valley, Grulkowski Ln, River Valley Road,Shank/Shank Dairy




AM: Hwy 95,Burlington Rd,Cryil Sobotta, Thompson vly, Rudy ln, Cty Rd T, American Heights, Mill Rd,

PM: Hwy 95,Mill Rd,Cryil Sobotta, Thompson vly, Rudy ln, Cty Rd T, American Heights, Burlington Rd.   


Doug B.

Doug B.

AM: German Coulee, 93 S, Holcomb Coulee,  Norway Vly,Linden Rd, Stevens Ln., Amundson ln, ,Carriage lane, Saddle Dr.(PALS-6th grade),Pehler Trucking

PM: Saddle Dr (PALS-6th grade),Carriage Ln (Shopko) German coulee, Hwy 93, Norway vly,  Linden Rd, Amundson Ln,Stevens Ln,Holcomb Coulee, Pehler Trucking



Chris Dorn

AM:  Dorn Vly, Konkel Vly,  Graves Ln, H&R Rd, River rd, Cty RD C, HWY 95,Main (2 ed st.) ,Barnes St

PM Barnes St, 2ed &  Main/95, Hwy 95, Cty Rd C, River rd, H&R rd, Graves Ln,, Konkel vly, Dorn Valley


Scott Leonard


AM:   Cty Rd G, G  Past Pine Creek,  Glowdowski Rd( Top of ridge only) Pine Creek, Pine Creek Ridge Rd, Myers vly, Haines Ln, Weaver Ln,Gavney Rd, 1000 Oaks, Chitko

PM:Gavney Rd, 1000Oaks,Chitko,  Myers vly, Weaver Ln, Haines Ln, G, Pine Creek, , Glowdowski  rd( Top of ridge only), Pine Creek Ridge rd


John Kimmel

John Kimmel

AM: Leo Kulas Rd,Glodowski Rd, Schmickle Vly, Whistle pass, Cty G, Old Dodge rd, Dodge, JJ, Jerry ln, Cty rd J, Middle Rd,Wilson/Thiesen ,Maplewood

PM: Wilson/Thiesen,Maplewood, Middle Rd, Cty J, Jerry Ln, JJ, Dodge, Old Dodge rd, Cty rd G, Whistle pass, Schmickle Vly, Leo Kulas Rd,Glodowski Rd


Mike Hannon


AM: Joos Vly, 95, Pansy pass, Cty rd E, Schaffner rd, Rotering Ridge, Bremer Ridge, Boland Vly, Ziegeweid vly, Glencoe Trailer park , Hwy 95

PM:   Hwy 95, Glencoe Trailer park, Ziegeweid vly, Boland vly, Bremer Ridge, Rotering Ridge, Schaffner rd, Cty rd E, Pansy Pass, Hwy 95, Joos Vly


Erika Konkel


AM: Lewis Valley, Cty Rd CC, Cty Rd X, Buells Vly, Hayes vly, Cty rd U, Cty Rd C, meet Waumandee shuttle on Montana Ridge, hwy 95,Old Catholic Church

PM:  HS/MS Walkers fron Elm, Meet Waumandee Shuttle, Cty C, Cty Rd CC, Christ Rd, Cty Rd X, Buells Vly, Hayes Vly, Cty rd U,Lewis Valley




AM  Mooneys on 93,1778 Blaschko(East) Sobotta,Hwy 93 So  Riverland,Saddle Dr.(7th-12th grades).

PM Saddle Dr.(7th-12th grades),Hwy 93 so Riverland,Sobotta,1778 Blaschko (East),Mooneys on 93


If you have any questions regarding school bus transportation, please call:


John Krett

Transportation Director



More updates coming soon!!!